Under the umbrella *

posted on 10 Jun 2009 16:41 by takiez



it's good if i would be in home because Rain makes freshing.

But it's too bad when i was not in my place ..


You were like umbrella, covered me from rain .

BUT now... you aren't only my umbrella anymore but you also stole all of my umbrellas.

esp when you asked me about that ....

how can you think.. you are really innocent or just wanna repeat  me about the truth.

no need ....really no need


i thought i was okei...but why i keep being hurt sometime that you.......


and  " i'm Not Mesenger "  .. get it ?


Alone in the rain rain rain nothing but pain pain pain !


ps. I have bf or not why  i have to tell you,oppa;;;

thanks for your feeling but it's impossible but i'm kinda bored when see that question!!  -_-;;;;