Funkud operation

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I went to Dentist Clinic on last Saturday after i was X-Ray My teeth on October.

My FunKud's near nerves so My dad's friend, who is dentist, made appointment w/ operate dentist for me.

 10.00 am Sat 28/11/09   

"Operation takes about 30 minutes, Don't raise your hand brushing mouth when i operate, Just show your hand up if you feel hurt,okei?"

"(-_-) (_ _) (-_-) (_ _) nod nod"

After told me, he and his assistant started operation. First, he injected anesthetic into my gum and asked that my right mouth felt anesthesia or not.

And when my right mouth was anesthesia, he used some instrument what i feel like it's  backsaw -_-;;; and in the same time, they started talking about wedding of someone  BUT !!!! a few minutes pass, he said "this instrument doesn't have enough power " and then he told me to walk to bed No.3 !!!

  Can you imagine ??????    

He already did sth in my mouth and told me to arise and walk ;;;;;;;;;;; How nice the dentist is !!!!!

Can't he and his assistant check the readiness of instrument before doing sth w/ patient ?????

No no no...Suck story doesn't end yet! It more than you imagine !

He was operating ....time pass.. and he asked me, "do you feel hurt?"

"......." I raised my hand up

"ohh..why why you feel hurt"

"......" Can i arise and high kick him ?  -_-;;;;;;;; Suck !!! Backsaw was in my mouth, Can't i feel hurt???!!

then... i decided to show that i pain just a little bit ;;;; .... 

So..he kept doing sth in my mouth again ..time pass he said "i have to bright it out so it may be hurt "


and he did it .... i really wanna tell him that  "IT NOT MAY BE HURT", "IT'S TRULY HURT"  

and the same question came again

"Do you pain?"

"(-_-) (_ _) (-_-) " i nod my head a little bit and raised my hand up

"Hum...where do you feel hurt? right mouth ?"

"........" How can I say ? My mouth was fulled with Blood ;;;;;;;;;

anyway....i have to say "no no no.. my left mouth's hurt, i feel like left side will be brought out too ;;;"

"'s not right mouth that you're hurt" and then he kept doing it and started  stitching mouth ulcer.

This is the best moment in my experience!!!   

i can feel that  floss was touching my lip TT.TT

and you know !!! Suck assistant cut the floss when the dentist didn't finish stitching yet!!!


"What did you do?! I didn't tell you to cut it ! it doesn't finish. Don't you know that it's hard to stitch and the floss is flimsy. If I don't tell you to cut, just do like past!"

"............." i was screaming in my heart !!!! i really wanna kill that silly woman!!!! That's the first time, i agreed with the dentist . TT.TT how suck she is!!!!!


and....THE Effects of Funkud Operation 


- my right chick was look like "Bulldog".

- my chick was green.

- i can't eat anything except liquid.


- my ฺBulldog chick was bigger than yesterday an felt like it'll be boom!!

- my chick kept being green.

- i kept eatting just milk, [ I can't eat even rice porridge!!, it makes me wanna vomit T.T ]


- Thanks God,my Bulldog chick is smaller than yesterday

-BUT it keeps being truly GREEN!!!

- i really need rice, bread, and meat TT.TT No more milk plz;;;;;;;;;; DAY DREAMING!






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#2 By ufwefexzcc ( on 2010-06-10 22:42

really SHOCK me when see this whole entry in ENG!!! O_____O

and very IN and GET IMAGE from your story la~ 555

hope you get better soon na ja ^w^

#1 By ˚ ◦ ˚◦ MeMi ◦˚ ◦ ˚ on 2009-12-02 16:26